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Outsourced accounting/CFO services assist your current staff or act as your full-time accounting department. We are a seamless integration into your business. Your clients may not even know we are not employees. We are your accounting staff/CFO on site or virtual and operate as if we are your employees. No company is too small to benefit from our outsourced services.

Outsourcing saves you money and offers experienced and qualified personnel to assist your current accounting staff or to be your accounting department. The main differences between internal accounting/CFO support and outsourced services are that we are not employees of your business. We do not need to be onsite. You do not need to have space in your office for us, nor purchase any equipment. You do not pay any health or retirement benefits, employment taxes or vacation/sick leave. If you require virtual services, you do not need to provide any office space or equipment for us. Whether services are performed onsite or virtual, there are no overhead expenses associated with our services.

As a small business owner, you should be dedicating your time to achieving your business goals. By allowing Platinum CFO to serve as your accounting department or CFO, you are free from day-to-day operations and can focus on the long-term goals of your company.

Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. You only receive and pay for the services that you require. Our services range from bookkeeping to a high-level CFO. Services can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on your specific requirements.

We are experts in outsourced accounting and CFO services. This is all that we do. We are not generalists and do not have multiple service lines. We stay on top of the technology curve to offer our clients best practices and innovative solutions. We have extensive experience in both private and public accounting in many industries. We understand small businesses and how they work. Our experts have decades of experience working with small businesses that can benefit you. We can partner with your CPA firm for your tax return preparation and/or financial statement preparation, by preparing your data in advance to make their job easier. This will in turn reduce the fees you pay for your tax return preparation or financial statements.

Our goal at Platinum CFO is to be your long-term partner. We pride ourselves on our long standing relationships with our clients. If your business expands or downsizes, our services can be tailored to meet your changing needs. If at anytime you feel that a change in services may be needed, we are happy to have a conversation and make adjustments as needed.

At Platinum CFO we believe that in order to integrate and understand your company, and how to best serve you, continuity is important. We do everything we can to provide you with the best partner for the long-term. It is our goal to have our clients working with the same Platinum CFO partner for as long as possible.

Coordinating between your business and bank, shareholders, board of directors, attorney and any other advisor you have is one of our specialties. Platinum CFO is able to spend the time working with your advisors and report back to you on options and explanations that you need in order to make informed decisions. Since we integrate into your business as an employee would, we are able to discuss high level matters with your advisors and assist in developing a strategy and processes for moving forward.

Platinum CFO utilizes the most advanced technology available when servicing our clients. We have clients throughout the United States and internationally. It is not imperative that we are in the same location. Virtual services are in demand for this reason. Platinum CFO is able to provide you with premium service based on your individual needs.

Yes, many of our clients have their Platinum CFO partner listed in their company materials. In addition, it is not uncommon for us to have an email address with your company to give the appearance that we are internal. To the outside world we are a part of your company.

“I started my business three years ago and was using a bookkeeper instead of an outsourced CFO. The difference in service, expertise and professionalism has been night and day since Sharon became part of my team. When Sharon says she will do something, she does it, and in a very expedient manner. She is highly responsive, organized and incredibly efficient. Sharon’s vast experience as a CPA gives her a great deal of knowledge that allows her to see the bigger picture for my business— not only from a cash flow perspective, but from a tax perspective as well. Prior to engaging Platinum CFO my tax preparer revised a large amount of the work because the bookkeeper didn’t understand potential tax implications. Now that my tax preparer is working with Sharon, my tax preparation bill is significantly lower because the data is correct the first time. The reports that she prepares, combined with her insight, have helped me to make much more informed and educated decisions about the future of my business. I am confident that my records are correct, organized, and current. I highly recommend engaging Sharon if you want someone detail oriented, intelligent and highly professional! I am confident that she will be an asset to anyone she helps!”

Samantha Fraelich-Rohe, Managing Partner, IntegriGen Wealth Management

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