Password Tips & Tricks

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The message is clear, password protect your information, or you will eventually be hacked.  If Fortune 500 companies are vulnerable to cyber predators how can small and medium size companies and individuals stand a chance against cybercrime? We have a responsibility to do all we can to protect ourselves from theft.  Extra precaution and smart [...]

Q&A March 2018

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Q: What does audit preparation as listed under your services include? A: When entities need a financial statement audit or review, their accounting records must be in an “auditable condition”.  Prior to the start of an audit or review, there is preparation work that is necessary. Audit preparation occurs prior to the fieldwork portion of the audit and includes, [...]

Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

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I am constantly amazed at the number of small business owners that are using Excel for their accounting software.  Cringe is probably a more accurate description of my reaction. The typical small business is tight on cash.  That is common knowledge.  In most cases the owner has funded the initial startup or has secured a [...]

Small Business Year End Checklist

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As we approach the end of 2017 small business owners have much on their plate to close the year strong and plan for a prosperous 2018.  I have prepared a year end checklist to assist in closing accounting records and organizing your data for an easier tax and reporting season ahead. Obtain completed and signed [...]

Top Ten Reasons for Hiring an Outsourced Accounting Professional

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Outsourced accounting and chief financial officer services are a hot topic and are gaining in popularity due to the many benefits received. Businesses are moving away from the traditional employee and employer relationships and opt to retain the services of an outsourcing expert. There are many scenarios when outsourced accounting is the best option. Several [...]

How to Pick the Right Outsourced Accountant

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Choosing any professional, whether it be your doctor, attorney or banker, should be a careful, well thought-out decision. Your outsourced accounting professional (“OAP”) is no different. It must be someone whom you trust, feel comfortable with, and listens to you - really listens. Many don’t realize that you learn so much more when you listen, [...]

Can Outsourcing Help Prevent Fraud?

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Fraudulent behavior is in the news every day. I read on LinkedIn yesterday about a high-level executive who had a company credit card and used it for personal expenses. Not only did he use the company credit card for his personal expenses, but those of his escort. Combined personal expenses to the tune of $5.6 [...]